One of the most beautiful virtues/traditions is to remember in prayer those who are unable to worship with us — the sick — the hospitalized, home bound, elderly and nursing home residents.

Please call the Parish Office to make arrangements for pastoral visits and communion calls to the sick.  Emergency sick calls are made at any time.

For reference:   Office Phone no.   203-334-0312

See also Contact/Registration information on the website navigation bar.


With regard to the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, if you are unable to attend Church and would like to receive the Eucharist at home, please contact Jeanne Bisson at the parish office, 203 334-0312.

Faith Formation
Coordinator:  Jeanne Bisson
Catherine Correa
Katie Norton
Catherine Pavlowski
Kathy Sherwood

Liturgy Committee
Coordinator:  Reverend Milan Dimic
Mr. Reverend Rudolph Trankovich
Jeanne Bisson
Laureen Pekar
Mary Rose Garych

Lector Ministry – Saturday
4:30 PM Saturday Mass (Vigil)
Coordinator: Mary Kocsis
Erica Andrassy

Lector Ministry  – Sunday
9:oo AM Sunday Mass
Coordinator:  Laureen Pekar
Jeanne Bisson
Rob Adriani
Edward Laska
Eric Perugini
Kathy Sherwood

Lector Ministry – Sunday
11:oo AM Sunday Mass 
Coordinator:  Parish Office
Erika Faber
Emery Ihasz

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Coordinator: Jeanne Bisson
Karen Adams
Rob Adriani
Jeanne Bisson
Barbara Chuga
Gary Dicso
John Lazowski
Nancy Legare
Mark Montgromery
Cathy Pavlowski
Laureen Pekar
Stefanie Seanor
Kathy Sherwood

Altar Server Ministry
Coordinator:  Deacon Rudy Trankovich
Gary Dicso
Joey Andrassy
Julianna Krasniqi
Ava Kavasansky
David Kavasansky

Usher Ministry
Coordinator:  Nicholas Pekar
Karen Adams
Greg Chuga
Art Concoran
Claude Eustache
Mark Montgomery

Music Ministry
Director of Music, Organist and Choir Master, Mary Rose Garych
Choir Members (Sunday 9:00 AM Mass)
Pat Disco
Veronica Dicso
Barbara Fencil
Crystal Howley
Amber Lagoja
Sandra McCarthy
Bob Rouse
Hobert Summers
Barbara Summers
Colleen Kearney
Janice Pasqua

Outreach Ministry
Outreach Coordinator:  Kathy Pavlowski

The Outreach Ministry sponsors events dealing with charitable activities such as clothing drives, food drives, the Giving Tree (Christmas) and other charitable projects.  Refer to website navigation bar Outreach for current ongoing projects.


Ladies Guild

All women parishioners are considered to be members of the Ladies Guild.  We are striving to again have active Ladies committees formed.  The committee chair ladies are noted below.

These are wonderful and gratifying ministries.  If you would like to volunteer to help on any of these committees, please contact the committee chairperson.  Call the Parish Office at 203-334-0312 for their contact information.

Prayer Shawl Ministry—Jeannie Bisson
Sunshine Ministry—Marie Kassay
Church Linen Ministry—Pat Dicso
Malta House Ministry—Kathy Sherwood and Jeanne Bisson
Dress for Success Ministry – Theresa Bell
Prayer Ministry – Jeanne Bisson

Our meetings are scheduled to meet the first Thursday every 3-months.

Senior Group
Coordinator:  Kathy Sherwood

Seasonal meeting will be planned.

Prayer Group
Coordinator:  Father Milan Dimic

Prayer group meetings are announced in the Weekly Parish Bulletin.


Magnificent St. Emery’s Church Nave Art

Church Ceiling Paintings (Front)

These large ceiling painting (on canvas) are located along the nave of the Church. All paintings were done by Italian artist Joseph Natale during the construction of St. Emery’s Church in 1932. 

Church Ceiling Paintings (Rear)

This photograph to the right shows the ceiling paintings looking towards the front of the church.



This photograph to the right shows the ceiling paintings looking towards the rear of the church.



(Click on all paintings to enlarge)


Individual photographs of each ceiling painting.

The Trinity

The painting to the left represents the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Virgin Mary Mother of God

This painting to the right presents the Virgin Mary ascending into Heaven surrounded by angels.


Jesus Teaching Children

Painting of Jesus teaching children, after, as the biblical story goes, rebuking one of his Apostles from stopping children coming to him.



Saint Elizabeth, Princess of Hungary

This painting to the right portrays Saint Elizabeth, a Princess of the Kingdom of Hungary.  Saint Elizabeth, who as a Franciscan dedicated her life to the poor, is seen kneeling to the Virgin Mary who is holding baby Jesus.


The painting below is Saint Cecilia (with Harp) who is the Patroness of Musicians.

Saint Cecilia