When St.Emery’s Parish came under the auspices of the Diocese of Bridgeport in 2011, the parish established two church councils to support the Parish and to represent St. Emery’s interests within the Bridgeport Diocese community:  The Parish Advisory Council and the Finance Committee.

The Parish Advisory Council with sub-committees is involved in Parish activities ranging from charity outreach projects to social events.

The Finance Committee is involved with supporting financial budgets and forecasts to maintain the financial needs of St. Emery’s Parish.

Council President
: Hobert Summers
Council Vice President: Carroll Fencil
Pastor:  Father Milan Dimic
Deacon:  Deacon Rudy Trankovich

The St. Emery Parish Advisory Council meets the second Monday of January, April, July and October.  The Council provides guidance in matters concerning various day-to-day operations and church activities under the Pastoral Plan.  Following are the Council members:

Karen Adams
Robert Adriani
Jeanne Bisson
Art Corcoran
Mary Ann Corcoran
Carol Gladstone
Mary Horvath
Marie Kassay
Robert Kavasansky
Colleen Kearney
Marianne Morehouse
Catherine Pavlowski
Barbara Summers

Chair Person:
Carroll Fencil
Pastor:  Father Milan Dimic

The St. Emery Parish Finance Committee meets quarterly in January, April, July and October.  The Committee provides guidance in matters concerning financial needs of the Church.

Following are the members of the Finance Committee:

Deacon Rudy Trankovich
Karen Adams – Trustee
Robert Kavasansky – Trustee
Michael Kender
Nick Pekar


Saint Stephen, our Lady of Hungary, and Saint Emery. Hungarian Family of Saints (Maggar Szentjeink Csalad)

The Hungarian Family of Saints (right) shrine is located in the Transept ‘North’ (left) of the Church.  In this shrine, from left, Saint Stephen of Hungary, Lady of Hungary, and Saint Emery.

The statue of St. Emery was imported from northern Italy in 2000 during the restoration of the Church.  This statue was hand carved from lindenwood, which is indigenous to the Italian Alps region. The statue St. Stephen (from 1932) was restored by Parishioner Henry Kutash in 2000 and the statue of Lady of Hungary (1932) was restored by a commissioned sculpture in 2000.

Saint Stephen is considered the founder of the Kingdom of Hungary, Lady of Hungary (Blessed Virgin Mary) is our Patroness Saint and Saint Emery is the Patron Saint of Youth.

The cornerstone from Saint Stephen of Hungary Church is located beneath this shine (See History section).

(Click on shrine and paintings to enlarge)

Saint Ladislaus. King of Hungary

Saint Elizabeth. Patroness of the Poor

Beautiful side Altar frescos of Saint Ladislaus (right) and Saint Elizabeth (left). 

These originals were painted by European trained artists in 1932 and restored in 2000.  



St. Ladislaus (1040-1095) was a very beloved and esteemed King of Hungary. He was noted for greatly expanding the boundaries of Hungary and internal rule. Saint Elizabeth, Princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, was a greatly venerated Catholic Saint. She relinquished her wealth to the poor to join the Franciscan Order. She died at age 24.